Switch Mode Power Supplies

Three-phase or single-phase

  • 3-phase up to 12KW
  • Single-phase up to 6KW

Single or multi-unit bespoke PSU

  • Three-phase up to 12KW
  • Single-phase up to 6KW
  • 19-inch rack compatible
  • Can run from DC bus to 100KW CW/100KW pulse PSU
  • Multi-unit up to 800KW pulse
  • Multi-unit up to 500KW CW


  • Three-phase up to 12KW
  • Single-phase up to 6KW
  • Multi-unit up to 500KW CW from DC bus
  • Bespoke design service

Pulse wave forming

  • Runs from DC bus
  • 100KW CW 0 to 400Amps  8mS
  • 36V, 40A unit (in development)

Laser Diode PSU

  • 300W to 2KW and above
  • Soft start
  • Compact design, ideal for OEM
  • Programmable
  • Extensive fault protection

Laser Diode Pulse PSU

  • New

Heat treatment

  • Runs from DC bus
  • 25KW to 100KW single unit
  • Up to 800KW stacked

Repairs and upgrades

  • A range of warranties are available for new units  
  • Upgrades and repairs available for all D Green Electronics and DNG power supplies

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